About The Race

4 Peaks


For the ultimate biker, fitness enthusiast or casual masochist . This is our solo ride of over 80 miles and almost 8,000ft of elevation gain. This road bike ride is only timed on the uphill portions, so no need to blast down the hill.

Relay Crew


If you like yourself a little more than the solo riders, but want to experience the whole beauty of the event with a team then this is the ride for you. Gather your teammates and split up the peaks however you see fit between transition areas. Your team can have between 2 and 4 people.

Valley Ride


Our Valley Ride is a perfect 23-mile ride cruise along the valleys' rolling hills (total approximate elevation gain of 1,350ft, max slope 8.8%). The scenery of Mink Creek, Inkom, and the Portneuf Valley are well worth the ride. The Valley Ride is an untimed option.

Merchandise 2020

This cycling event is not run as a sanctioned race, as a majority of the riders will be participating for the enjoyment of riding a designated route through the beautiful Pocatello and Inkom scenery with their friends and teammates. 

That being said, as any serious cyclist knows, there is also satisfaction with not only completing an epic bike ride, but with comparing your times with other riders afterward. The hill climb portions of the event are the only sections timed.  The Valley Ride will not be a timed event. 

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT on this ride and as this course will remain open to traffic including narrow mountain roads and occasional unforeseen obstacles, please be cautious especially on downhill sections.

The committee developed this ride in an effort to showcase the amazing riding we have in the Pocatello and Inkom areas, and of course, to see who has the legs/guts to battle ALL FOUR PEAKS!


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4 Peaks Gran Fondo

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