Climb To the Challenge August 10, 2019

 Toughest Ride in Idaho | Year 5



Welcome riders!  A few tips/info for the 4 Peaks Gran Fondo challenge: 


First, we hope you are ready for a fantastic day of riding in the most beautiful countryside SE Idaho has to offer!  You are about to embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding bike rides in the country!  If you or your friends are not already signed up, then get there by clicking HERE

Second, remember that the timing of the bike ride is for the hill climbs ONLY.  Cumulative hill climb times are combined for overall KOM/QOM, 2nd, and 3rd places.  Since the downhill, flats, and rollers are not timed, utilize this time to rest and recover so you're recharged for the next peak.  Please review our updated maps in the "The Course" section to review where the timed portions of the climbs are.  

Recognize that the timed sections of the climbs, depending on which peak, start a few miles from the start of each leg.   For example, the timed climbing section of Crystal Summit STARTS just after the Cherry Springs campground, which is a good 12+ miles from the start of that leg in Inkom.

Third, there is a finisher's medal at the finish line!  If you are in a relay, feel free to ride together with your teammates so you can all receive your finishers medal as you cross the finish line.

Fourth, for the safety of all the riders that will be climbing and descending that day, please stay in your appropriate lane, single file, and watch for traffic (both vehicular and animal) as this is NOT A CLOSED COURSE.  This is an area where you may see deer, moose, or even cattle on the road. For the sake of the other riders, volunteers, and your own safety while riding, PLEASE KEEP YOUR SPEED UNDER CONTROL so that we can continue this ride without incident!

The Idaho Central Credit Union truck will roll out at 7:00am at approx. 20 mph (or so) and will lead the 4 Peaks Gran Fondo riders and relay riders for about the first 9 miles (Valley riders start at 9:30am).  We ask that riders stay behind the truck as this initial section is not timed and it is important to stay together as a group through the  intersections until the first climb begins.  The ICCU truck will signal as they are pulling ahead or off to the side of the road.  At the time they pull off/away the group is OK to go ahead and ride at their own pace.

Lunch will be provided for all riders as part of the registration fee and non-rider family and friends will have the option to purchase meals as well.   The awards ceremony will be held roughly at 2:00 pm (note that ride support ends at 3:00 pm). 


The relay team must have at least one rider ride every mile of the course.  For instance, the first relay rider rolls out at the start in Inkom, and head up towards Crystal Summit.  The transition zone for the second leg is the slate rock pit on the right hand side of the road before you turn off of Crystal and go back up Scout.  The timing company has said there will be a chip on each rider, so there will be no timing chip to pass from one rider to the next.

The next rider will ride up Scout Mountain and into Inkom to the next transition area.  They will then trade to the 3rd rider who will ride from Inkom to the top of Pebble, finishing their section near the LDS church located at 150 Snow Peak Boulevard.  The 4th rider will then leave the transition zone and head up the 4th peak, Buckskin.  When completed, the team should rally back at the transition zone, and finish the race as a team so they can all receive finishers medals and enjoy a yummy meal.

Parking for the relay riders will be located at Cherry Springs Campground (about 1 mile from the transition zone). The second transition zone parking will be at the start/finish at Stuart Park in Inkom.  The third transition zone parking is in the church parking lot. (Refer to course maps section for clarification.) 

"Live" timing results (dependent on cell service at top of each peak) are available at 


08/09/2019, Friday

  • 5:00- 8:00 pm - In person registration/packet pickup/spaghetti feed at Barrie's Ski and Sports located at 624 Yellowstone Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201

08/10/2019, Saturday

  • 6:00 am - Last minute packet pickup and in-person registration at the Stuart Park Pavilion, 476 Dean St, Inkom, ID 83245
  •  7:00 am - 4 Peak Gran Fondo riders and relay rider #1 (Crystal Summit) roll out!
  •  9:30 am - Valley Riders roll out!
  •  12:30 pm - Lunch (free for registered riders, venmo/cash option for family/friends)
  •  ~2:15 pm - 4 Peaks Gran Fondo Awards Ceremony
  •  3:00 pm - End of support for ride

Thank you for riding with us this year!

- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo Committee

***This information in subject to change

About The Race

4 Peaks


For the ultimate biker, fitness enthusiast or casual masochist . This is our solo ride of over 80 miles and almost 8000ft of elevation gain. This road bike ride is only timed on the uphill portions, so no need to blast down the hill.

Relay Crew


If you like yourself a little more than the solo riders, but want to experience the whole beauty of the event with a team then this is the ride for you. Gather your teammates and split up the peaks however you see fit between transition areas. Your team can have between 2 and 4 people.

Valley Ride


Our Valley Ride is a perfect 23-mile ride cruise along the valleys' rolling hills (total approximate elevation gain of 1,350ft, max slope 8.8%). The scenery of Mink Creek, Inkom, and the Portneuf Valley are well worth the ride. The Valley Ride is an untimed option.

This cycling event is not run as a sanctioned race, as a majority of the riders will be participating for the enjoyment of riding a designated route through the beautiful Pocatello and Inkom scenery with their friends and teammates. 

That being said, as any serious cyclist knows, there is also satisfaction with not only completing an epic bike ride, but with comparing your times with other riders afterward. The hill climb portions of the event are the only sections timed.  The Valley Ride will not be a timed event. 

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT on this ride and as this course will remain open to traffic including narrow mountain roads and occasional unforeseen obstacles, please be cautious especially on downhill sections.

The committee developed this ride in an effort to showcase the amazing riding we have in the Pocatello and Inkom areas, and of course, to see who has the legs/guts to battle ALL FOUR PEAKS!

Merchandise - Year 5


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4 Peaks Gran Fondo

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