Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a sanctioned race?

No, this race is not sanctioned by USA cycling.  Although there are uphill portions of the race that are timed, think of it as more of a ride and a personal challenge and you won't be disappointed. 

Okay, is this RIDE timed?

Yes, the 4 Peaks route it is timed, but there's a catch -- Only the uphill portion of each peak is timed. As a result, we suggest when you make it to the summit, relax and enjoy the fuel stations before you head back down. Maybe even take it easy on the down hill. You don't HAVE to peddle on the down hill. 

The Valley Ride is un-timed.

Is this on open or closed course?

This is an open course  which means it's open to traffic. Luckily, the ride is on roads that are less frequently traveled and we will have volunteers at key intersections to help with traffic. We should also point out that while we do everything to make our course as safe as possible the week of the race, but there are hazards that inevitably present themselves so please be cautious and aware of others on the road...Even the occasional cow on Crystal Summit!

Are there prizes?

Absolutely there are and we can thank all of our sponsors for that!

There are prizes for the following:

Overall King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain

King and Queen of each peak

Overall Relay winners and Mixed Relay (male & female team) winners

We will also give a shout out over the loud speaker if you took 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your age group for each peak!

What kind of "support" can I expect for this ride?

Great question. We have fuel stations with a variety of goodies. We have porta-potties or access to toilets at each fuel station and they are frequent enough that you won't be left high and dry...or should we say wet? We also have sag wagons that will be patrolling the course looking for unlucky souls with bike troubles. They are happy to help you with the equipment you provide, but every rider is expected to bring their own replacement tube and other repair gear they feel they need. The sag wagon may have some tools and a pump to help you out. That being said all support for the race ends at 3:00 pm. 

Is there food afterwards?

Yes! With your registration you have access to a catered lunch. This year our lunch is provided by a local restaurant, The Sand Trap.  Tickets will also be sold on the day of the event for individual support crews, family, and/or friends for a set price. More information will follow in an email containing race day information when you have registered.


Can I drop my jacket anywhere?

We will have a drop box at the Cherry Springs aid station, but we have to warn you we are not taking responsibility for items dropped. We will make sure the boxes at Cherry Springs make it to the finish line but beyond that we cannot guarantee the safety of your equipment. Use this system at your own risk.