4 Peaks | Map

4 Peaks | Elevation Map

Elevation Map courtesy of local rider, Mike Scott.

4 Peaks | Valley Ride Map

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The Peaks

Crystal Summit


Crystal Summit sits at 5,962ft of elevation and during the climb you gain approx. 1,950ft over the course of 21 miles.  

The timed section is ~5.15 miles.

Scout Mountain


The tippy top of Scout Mountain is a cool 6,531ft, gaining 2,050ft over 23 miles. Timed climbing section is roughly 5.2 miles. 

Pebble Creek


The toughest peak of the ride and the local ski hill, sits in the 3rd slot soaring to 6,601ft high. You will climb 2,200ft during your 11-mile ride. Good luck!  

Timed section:  Roughly 4 miles



Finish out the timed sections with a climb up Buckskin. Sitting at 5,990ft of elevation you will climb 1,750 over approx. 25 miles, including a false summit to spice things up a bit.  

Timed section:  About 5.9 miles

Don't worry there probably won't be snow on these peaks on race day...Hopefully!

About The Race

4 Peaks


For the ultimate biker, fitness enthusiast or casual masochist . This is our solo ride of over 80 miles and almost 8000ft of elevation gain. This road bike ride is only timed on the uphill portions, so no need to blast down the hill.

Relay Crew


If you like yourself a little more than the solo riders, but want to experience the whole beauty of the event with a team then this is the ride for you. Gather your teammates and split up the peaks however you see fit between transition areas. Your team can have between 2 and 4 people.

Valley Ride


Our Valley Ride is a perfect 23-mile ride cruise along the valleys' rolling hills (total approximate elevation gain of 1,350ft, max slope 8.8%). The scenery of Mink Creek, Inkom, and the Portneuf Valley are well worth the ride. The Valley Ride is an untimed option.